Monday, October 21, 2013

Jack's Back! And he's taking Preorders for the next book in the Jack's Back Books Series!

 10/27/13 UPDATE: Almost 100 Hippo book preorders in less than one week! Thank you so much! With more needing to be ordered to reach minimum amount to print, here are some tempting facts:

  • Books are 8 x10 inch hardcover published by Mascot Books, USA
  • ALL preorder books will be signed
  • $14.95 per book (or less... read on!)
  • Order the pair (1 Hippo + 1 Mommy Numbers) get the 2 for $25, just $12.50 each
  • Order 5 or more copies... let's Skype a reading of the books!
  • Order 10 or more copies, $12.50 each
  • Preorder for HOLIDAY DELIVERY!
Our first 2 books in the Jack's Back Books series, How to Grow a Hippo! and Mommy, How Many Numbers Are There? are going hardcover. If interested, please complete brief preorder survey at link below. To be ready for the holidays we need as many pre-orders as possible BY NOV 5, 2013. Bar graph of order numbers in right column updated often... stay tuned!

Preorder Survey Link:  Click here

Link to the Washington University study that inspired our story:  Article here

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