Friday, September 3, 2010

Our first book arrives soon!

Based on a true story. College math instructor's son asked the questions, then the book practically wrote itself.

A curious 4-year old boy named Jack asked the questions that inspired this book. It's about Jack. It's about math. It's about curiosity. Stay tuned as the artwork is being completed as we speak!

Here's what one reviewer of the draft had to say:
Okay -- well, my child and I have just finished reading the book together and we LOVE IT!  She says she "super loves it"! I love the message here for two reasons -- first of all, I can hear you talking to Jack in just that way.  I imagine you driving down the road and he's in the backseat asking these questions.  So sweet.  Secondly, it reads so smoothly and each question he asks is so honest and true to a kiddo, asked in the order that a little kid's brain would work as they take in your answers.  It really is sweet.
The illustrations are PERFECT!  I see what you mean about the artist capturing Jack's essence.  It's very dreamy and playful - and interesting with her putting him in different situations (in the snow, underwater, etc.).  The illustrations with numbers forming shapes are great - and I really love the (censored to not give away the ending)... Well done, girl!  This is going to be the next "I Love You This Much".  Thanks so much for sharing it!  Can't wait until it's out in print! 

- Mandy, St. Charles, MO

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